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Medoc State Park, North Carolina

Located in Littleton, North Carolina. Medoc Mountain State Park is a beautiful location with a lot of mysteries hidden within its woods. Various sightings of Bigfoot have been reported in the nearby area and there have been many prints of "big feet" found in the forest itself. You may find many of the casts of these prints in the Cryptozoological and Paranormal Museum about ten miles away from the park itself. However, it's not only inhabited by Bigfoot. There have also been reports of paranormal encounters. In a recent interview with museum owner, Stephen Barcelo, we were told and shown a thermal image of what seemed to be an apparition with attire similar to that of a soldier from the Civil War era. Our own investigation yielded some very interesting evidence that we are extremely excited to share with all of you! Overall, it is an amazing location you should visit even if you are not looking for ghosts and Bigfoot. Just keep an eye out, because if you feel that you are being watched... Chances are it may be from something a little different from what you may be used to.

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