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Tracking down the unnatural requires cool gear!

Our investigations, wether they be paranormal or cryptozoological, require some interesting pieces of gear. Below you will see some of our go-to pieces of equipment, as well as where you can find them. If you are interested in getting some Top Tier ghost hunting equipment, we can ensure that the first place you want to check out is Ghost Stop which offer great beginner full Ghost Hunting Kits!



Most of our equipment is fairly expensive and sensitive. So it is always recommended to have some good cases to store and protect it!


As time passes. You will add more equipment to your arsenal. Always keep track of what you have and where you have it. You don't want to leave anything when you go to an investigation. Don't want to have a FBA appear in front of you and not have anything to record it with.

Equipment MT_edited.jpg
Equipment MT_edited.jpg


Though we have night vision cameras, EMF detectors and laser grids. It is never too early to start with just a basic camera and voice recorder. Some of the greatest bits of evidence have been caught in very old cameras compared to the ones we use. And even to start off, most people have a recorder and camera on their person at all times. A normal cellphone can go a long way for beginners!

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