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Welcome curious minds!

Have you ever wondered how to join a Paranormal Investigation team? Look no further!

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Do you want to Uncover Mysteries?

Adding new members to the team is always an exciting process! Currently, we have had some of our main members move to different locations. However, gaining new team members doesn't mean they simply fill in a vacancy. It means becoming part of an investigative family, and being valued for their work ethic, investigative contributions and professionalism, just as much as they will for their opinions, theories and unique perspectives. This particular line of work is peculiar; it is vital that the members of our team trust, respect and feel comfortable with each other. For this reason, we are very selective in who we add to our team.

Please carefully review the information below. Once this has been completed, if you feel that you truly wish to become part of the MT family, I will review your application! If you feel that we are not what you are looking for, feel free to contact me for information of other teams that may better fit your preferences. The Ghost Hunting community is closely connected and we are more than happy to help our fellow investigators to form their respective teams.

  • Investigation Times: Completing a successful investigation is a lengthy endeavor, which also requires a high level of commitment. Due to the fact that Paranormal Investigating is not our primary job. Most of our investigations take place during weekends (to accommodate for our varying time schedules). Investigation length can range from 3PM to 3AM and may vary from location to location. Video and audio recordings also take up a lengthy period of time to verify and determine if there is any valid evidence discovered. It is also important to note, that investigations in personally owned locations are more time sensitive as sometimes clients have genuine fear over what they are going through and it is our goal to help them understand and determine the best course of action to take.

  • Expenses: Team Members are volunteers and not paid employees. As stated before, most of us have our own "Day Jobs" aside from investigating the paranormal. It is important to note that we are a non-profit organization and therefore do not charge for our services, wether it be investigating a Historic Location or a Personal Home. Mystery Travels has a good array of equipment for each of our team members which is distributed in the beginning of each investigation. However, this is team equipment and must be cared for as such. Any personal equipment that team members wish to acquire is more than welcome and encouraged for basic necessities such as flashlights, cameras, audio recorders, etc. It is preferred a MT shirt to be worn on investigations but you may wear neutral shirts in place of this.

  • Work Ethic: These investigations, for the most part, are fun and interesting. Having fun with each other and reacting naturally to the things that occur during these events is completely understandable. With that being said, we do believe it is of the upmost importance to maintain professionalism during our investigations and interaction with any clients. Discovering the truth is exciting, but even better is to be able to bring any type of relief to those clients that need it.

  • Location: As the word "Travels" is in our name. Our future goal is to be able to investigate multiple locations regardless of distance. But currently, our umbrella will be operating in the North Carolina area. If you are part of this area, you are more than welcome to apply to be part of our team (Triangle Area preferred but not necessary).

  • Experience: No previous experience in paranormal investigations is required but it is more than welcome. We will provide basic training over our equipment and investigating style if you decide to join the team.

Still interested and want to know the requirements?

  • Applicants must be 21+ Years of Age and free of any felony convictions. This is for the safety and well-being of yourself, our team, and clients. Please also understand that we must maintain our credibility to our clients. For this reason, we exhort that our members be free of illegal substances, and arrive at investigations free of any prescriptions or mind/perception altering substances. 

  • In general, we seek people who work well with electronics and, while not required, additional consideration will be given to those with web design, filming/photography,  in-depth knowledge in the area of theology, or prior experience in paranormal research.

I'm ready! How do I apply?

If you are still reading this, chances are you meet the basic requirements and are still interested in joining us! Please fill out the application below to the best of your abilities. We will receive and review your application closely. If you are a person that seems like a good fit for our team, we will contact you for a Video Conference Interview with our Founder and Co-Founder. And possibly a follow up in person meeting. We will do our best to contact all applicants relatively quickly. Rest assured that we keep applications on file and will contact you in the future should an appropriate opening become available.



I personally wish to ensure that everything is completed efficient and fairly. Please feel free to contact me directly for any concerns!
CarlosMiguel Rodriguez-Valle
Founder - Mystery Travels P/C


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