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Our goal is to visit locations with unnatural activity to discover the truth behind these events. Certain haunted locations are also done with the intention of bringing peace and understanding to the owners/caretakers of these locations. If the activity is negative, our goal is to help minimize or even eliminate negative activity in its totality. With all of this in mind, we will never charge anyone for these investigations wether they be personal households or big historic locations. Our goal is not to make any money out of our investigations. Rather, we are more focused on discovering the truth and helping in whatever way we can.

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A Brief Overview

Mystery Travels: Paranormal/Cryptozoology has been working on tackling the paranormal and unknown for various years. Though under different "team names" and members. Its main goal has always been the same: To understand the unknown and help others being affected by these strange events and/or creatures.


Not only for knowledge, but also for others.


Sometimes we don't broadcast the housecalls we get. Certain people may be experiencing haunted activity in their domicile that affects their daily lives negatively. We can investigate to determine exactly what is causing that activity. And if it is indeed something paranormal, we also help and find the means to make things better.



Places like hotels, restaurants or museums may experience paranormal activity as well. Sometimes they may just want to know what is going on and it may even be good to have some documentation of this activity to increase business. We can help in shedding some light into these places and helping boost their credibility.



These are more tourist type locations that are widely known for having paranormal activity. Our main goal here is to see how the locations live up to their reputation and honor the rich history that all of these places have.

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“The search for the truth takes you where the evidence leads you, even if, at first, you don’t want to go there.”

Bart D. Erhman

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Have any experiences you want to share? Maybe your home or building is haunted? Or maybe Bigfoot decided to pay a visit. Let us know if you want to have us for an investigation in your area! You will never need to pay for our investigations, as the main goal is our search for knowledge and to help you understand what may be happening.

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